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This week, SADIE will have its launch on Amazon Prime. This is a film we spent nine years making and one into which we poured our hearts and souls, from the long road of development, through the cold but rewarding days on set and the heavy scrutiny of the editing room, to our SXSW premiere, and through the past nine months as we’ve embarked on our creative distribution journey, pushing SADIE out into the world and trying to connect with audiences alongside the crowded and excellent slate of films 2018 had to offer.

So of course WE hope you’ll watch it.

But no need to take our word for it! Below, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite pieces that have come out about the film since our premiere.

Hopefully these wise strangers will give you the final nudge to stream the film on Amazon Prime and maybe even to tell a friend (or ALL your friends) to watch it too.

Thank you!


To kick things off, check out IMDb’s profile on Megan and SADIE, recorded at SXSW last year. It’s a short and sweet two-minute look into the film and its themes about consequence-free violence, as well as Megan’s process as a filmmaker.


Secondly, we have had a really fantastic champion in Variety’s Joe Leydon, who wrote this beautiful review calling the film “quietly absorbing and methodically disquieting“ when the film premiered, and then included us on Variety’s Most Under-Appreciated Movies of 2018, commenting that we “drifted into and out of limited theatrical release without raising the ruckus that was their due.”

We also made an appearance on the AV Club’s Best Films of 2018 That We Didn’t Review. They said, “fiercely talented newcomer Sophia Mitri Schloss plays the title character as a sort of Machiavellian open wound,” continuing, “writer-director Megan Griffiths devotes nearly equal attention to everyone in Sadie’s life—particularly her loving but distracted mother, played with heartbreaking emotional transparency by Melanie Lynskey. John Gallagher Jr., Danielle Brooks, and Tony Hale all pitch in to create a richly detailed hand-to-mouth community.”


Back when SADIE came out last October the fine folks at KPCC’s Film Week (the weekly film review show on LA’s National Public Radio affiliate) called it their “favorite film of the week” and said they “really, really, really loved it.” They talk for about three minutes and if what they have to say doesn’t convince you to watch, I don’t know what will:


If you’re looking for something to queue up in your car or while you’re at the gym, we also did a few podcasts that were incredibly fun and great conversations.

For The Talkhouse, Megan spoke with friend and fellow filmmaker Colin Trevorrow (who many may know as the director of one of the top grossing films of all time, JURASSIC WORLD). The two talked about blockbusters, diversity, "overnight" success, and much more. Producer Lacey Leavitt also pipes in with some wisdom throughout.

Megan also chatted about 12 MONKEYS and making movies about mental illness with April Wolfe for her podcast Switchblade Sisters, and with Jeff Goldsmith about her career trajectory and how it all led to SADIE for The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith (warning: this podcast contains spoilers and may be best listened to after watching the film).


We did a couple fantastic interviews, one of our favorites being Megan’s interview with Women And Hollywood where she was asked about the #TimesUp movement and said, “I believe it’s a long overdue conversation — one that women have been having for years, and one that I’m thrilled men are finally beginning to engage in. It’s well past time to challenge the power imbalance in our industry. The world needs inclusivity right now. We need diverse stories and the empathy that those stories bring to our hearts, and we need it urgently.”

We also loved Film Inquiry’s coverage of the film—both their interview with Megan (where Megan and interviewer Lee Jutton talk in depth about the cast, the film’s themes, and how challenging it is to get a film like SADIE made) and their fantastic review, where Lee says, “Griffiths highlights the particular problems faced by a sector of society often looked down upon by those in a more privileged place and does it with a refreshingly non-judgmental eye. You understand the tough, often uncaring world in which these people have all spent their entire lives and how that has shaped their identities. As a result, all of them are painted in such diverse shades of grey that it is impossible to form a simple, singular conclusion about any of them.”


Lastly, if you’ve got a half an hour to spend, we loved this BUILD NYC interview with Megan, which dives deep into the themes of the films and also how we brought it into the world. It’s such a comprehensive overview of everything we wanted to talk about with this film, we recommend checking it out.

Tony Hale Selfie.jpg


"Lynskey, one of indie cinema's finest actors, is once again superb in her emotionally complex turn. Gallagher Jr. delivers career-best work as well, infusing his portrayal with subtle shadings that keep us intrigued throughout. And Schloss is a revelation as the emotionally disturbed teen, her performance all the more impressive for its restraint." - Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“The film boasts a major turn from Sophia Mitri Schloss…you simply can’t turn away from her.” - Kate Erbland, Indiewire

“Sophia Mitri Schloss is absolutely revelatory in the film’s titular role... Her motivations for her actions are deeply felt, and provide a terrifying glimpse into how the violence of the world around us can shape the mindset of a child by convincing them violence is the only answer to their problems.” - Lee Jutton, Film Inquiry

“Gallagher Jr. makes Cyrus into something more than just another guy from the wrong side of the tracks; he shows us how society makes it so hard for certain people to pull themselves out of the mire, instead leaving them to spiral further downward.” - Lee Jutton, Film Inquiry

“Danielle Brooks … brings together contradictory notes of an everyday anguish endured through everyday kindnesses, and in a rare way that elevates a secondary character from mere support to one who underscores everything the film wants to say.” - MaryAnn Johanson, Flick Filopsopher

“Sadie is an arresting experience, anchored by Schloss’s dynamic work.” - Ken Bakely, Film Pulse

“Lynskey continues to demonstrate why she should be recognized amongst the best actresses working today with her nuanced and emotional performance.” - Jonathan Berk, Berk Reviews

“Sophia Mitri Schloss gives an unforgettable turn in her title role.” -

"Schloss is intensely affecting as Sadie." - Betsy Bozdech

"Schloss and Lynskey deliver heart wrenching performances in this strikingly femme-centric film which shoots an arrow right into the heart of domestic disruption that results from faraway wars." - Jennifer Merin

"At its most mesmerizing when fixed on Schloss’ unblinking gaze; a child at war with forces — and consequences — that she can’t yet understand." - Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times

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