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We're so excited to unveil the first video in our new series SADIE IN 60 SECONDS. These one-minute videos highlight aspects of our film and the production, providing a glimpse behind the curtain into issues that are important to us. The WOMEN IN FILM piece focuses on the fact that our production was made up of 50% women--more than double the industry norm. This didn't happen by accident--it was a priority for our whole team to not only seek out skilled female crew and department heads, but also to hire up and coming young women for our PA and intern roles in order to nurture the next generation of female filmmakers. We're really proud of the gender parity represented on our set, and thrilled to share this first video on #femalefilmmakerfriday during SADIE's run at Geena Davis's Bentonville Film Festival, which champions inclusion in all aspects of entertainment media.