Why SADIE? Why now?

Welcome to SADIE's online home! SADIE is a film written and directed by Megan Griffiths and produced by Lacey Leavitt and Jennessa West. It tells the story of a young girl dealing with the prolonged absence of her military father and struggling to understand her family life without him.

This script was written in response to society’s increasing desensitization to violence. Conflict on the international stage, as well as within our schools, night clubs, and universities, has created an environment where children are growing up with the understanding that violence is acceptable and the most appropriate way to solve their own problems. We want to be a part of the cultural dialogue with SADIE, and bring this necessary conversation to our audience. Sometimes the only way to truly engage people is through art, and in 2017—where guns are readily available to criminals and abusers, where we bear witness to the rightful frustration of #BlackLivesMatter, where indigenous peoples are assaulted for advocating for our environment, where we cling tightly to retain hard-won gay rights and reproductive rights, and where our electorate has spoken in favor of a misogynistic white supremacist demagogue for our nation’s highest office—we need to engage more than ever.

As female filmmakers (not to mention avid movie-goers,) we are desperate for stories featuring strong and complex female characters. We actively work to be the change we want to see in the industry, not only by supporting fellow female filmmakers, but by developing female-driven scripts with grit in order to change the paradigm within the mainstream film industry. The story of SADIE—that of a young girl whose violent tendencies are stoked by the world she lives in and the media she consumes—has historically featured a male protagonist at its center. The choice to focus our film’s story on a young girl serves to highlight that the choices we make, as a society and as individuals, have a profound impact on all children, boys and girls alike.

Thank you,
Megan Griffiths, Director
Lacey Leavitt, Producer
Jennessa West, Producer
Eliza Shelden, Executive Producer